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YFC Rally 2013

Wed, 5 Jun 2013 4:42 pm

Entry by Community Group: YFC

Trecastle Y.F.C. have been very busy during the year. The boys and girls at Trecastle prepared well for the Drama, One Plus and other events. They staged a comical drama where the main story was a car accident where a group of Nuns and a Pair of Rugby fans were involved in a fatal accident. There was then much deliberation about who was guilty and who was innocent, thus deciding who went to Heaven and who went to Hell. The situation provide plenty of opportunity for comedy and the audience at Theatre Brycheiniog appreciated the humour that was dealt them. The costumes and sets added to the occasion and the entire script was written by Shelley. This was indeed, an evening of side splitting entertainment by Trecastle, which has become a trademark of the village. There were many noteable performances within the production and Trecastle Y.F.C. accounted for themselves well in all the other events they took part in during this Gala Week.

Trecastle YFC Handwriting CompetitionBrecknock Y.F.C. was also an event that Trecastle Y.F.C. made their presence clear and committed, and the kids were seen performing in a big range of events during the day, and incidentally in the Pre-Rally Day competitions. Phography, Facepainting and Woodwork were to events that could be witnessed on the day. Mountain Biking, Driving and Handwriting, Sewing and the main event of the afternoon was The Chariot Race. It was great to see Trecastle facing the above 20 year olds opposition and the crew all looked determined and un -fazed by the muscle bound crews of the main opponents. They did Trecastle proud. This was not to be the end of the day, because the Tug of War competition attracted everybody to the ring for the final event of the day. We did well last year when Trecastle pulled Sennybridge off the main ring, and 2013 was to be no exception. Trecastle YFC Tug of WarWe had two teams pulling for Trecastle, ably coached by Will and Lyn respectively...The Ladies and a mixed Team. Both teams were determined focussed and not to be messed with. It was great to see these two teams battling against strong clubs like Sennybridge and Builth and Erwood, but Trecastle emerged victors in both events and will go on to represent Brecknock Y.F.C. at The Royal Welsh Show and Lampeter respectively. What can I say?? Nothing because my voice had expired after yelling for the “big pull” as Trecastle decimated the opposition.

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