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Community Council Member Mr David Howells has been in discussions with Roger Williams MP, Kirsty Williams AM/AC and Mr Christopher Salmon Police and Crime Commissioner Dyfed-Powys regarding the speed of traffic through our area.


The DfT 2009 Speed Survey showed that:

Source: Department for Transport - Statistics as DFT.  Publication under the Open Government Licence v2.0.

Updates will be posted below in reverse chronological order. Please click the link to see the full post.

Trecastle C.A.R.S. - Statement From Edwina Hart 23rd February 2015 - 23 February 2015

Dear Cllr Howells,

Roger has now received a reply from the Minister in relation to speeding issue in Trecastle. The response is encouraging... Read more»

Trecastle C.A.R.S. - Letter From Edwina Hart and reply 13th January 2015 - 13 January 2015

Letter from Edwina Hart 13th January 2015

Below is a letter from Edwina Hart AM that was forwaded by Kirsty Williams AM to our C.A.R.S.... Read more»

Trecastle C.A.R.S. - Copies of various letters from AM's - 30 November 2013

Below are copies of various letters from MP's regarding the C.A.R.S. campaign, including Roger Williams, Kirsty Williams and a Statement from... Read more»

Trecastle C.A.R.S. - Reply from Kirsty Williams 29th August 2013 - 29 August 2013

Reply From Kirsty Williams' Office

Dear Mr Dave Howells,

 I have now received a reply from the Minister for Economy,... Read more»

Treacastle C.A.R.S. - Letter from Mr Howells to Roger Willams 29th July 2013 - 29 July 2013

The following is the quoted text from a letter sent from Mr Howells to Roger Williams, Kirsty Williams, Christopher Salmon and the Brecon... Read more»

Campaign Action for Road Safety (C.A.R.S.) - Trecastle, Llywell, Sennybridge - 1 June 2013

Introduction - Campaign Action for Road Safety (C.A.R.S.)

There is a call locally for some positive action regarding the speed and... Read more»

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